Google Takes Another Important Step Towards Being Just Like Apple

Posted by Jeff Edsell on Aug 15, 2011 in Uncategorized |

I’ve been accused of being an Apple fanboy. And while it’s true that I like Apple products and use a lot of them, I also get frustrated with many of Appel’s decisions, and have no problem being critical. But when it comes to the iOS devices, it’s hard to deny that Apple has pretty much made all the right moves.

Apparently Google thinks so too. Recent articles have shown that the famously “open” Android operating system is not so open. And today it was announced that Google bought Motorola’s handset business. Partly, they did so to secure the wireless patents already owned by Moto. But certainly the biggest reason was so that they can make Android devices over which they can have complete end-to-end control — and that other companies can’t muck up.

Just like Apple.

Also, just like Apple’s full control over the iOS platform’s hardware and software has kept AT&T and Verizon from being able to pile shovelware onto the iPads and iPhones they sell, Google will be able to make the “pure” Android devices they seem to have been striving for from the beginning. (Android was always intended to be customized, but I think Google’s been rather…shocked by the products that have resulted by that permissiveness.) “Want to be able to offer the absolute best Android phones anyone has ever made, and will ever make?” Google can ask the carriers. “Then leave them the hell alone!

So welcome to Apple’s world, Google. As an Apple user, I look forward to the way that the pressure of a truly solid competitor will keep Apple on their toes, and speed up the pace of their innovations. And as a gadget fan, if you do really knock it out of the park, my next phone may well be an Android.

As an aside, Google’s major handset partners can’t be happy. They’ve issued statements which seem strikingly similar — almost as if someone suggested what would be in their best interest to say? Ah, well, odds are that some of those companies will start hedging their bets by adding Windows phones to their product lines, giving a boost to that platform. And that’s a good thing, too.


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