Casting a Portal Movie

Posted by Jeff Edsell on Apr 22, 2011 in Uncategorized |

Of course, if the wonderful Portal video games were made into a movie, it would be a crime to re-cast anyone. But, movie studios are serial practitioners of this crime, recasting roles whenever a stage play, TV show or other work is filmed.

So if you were charged with getting Portal to the big screen, and were handed down the edict that you couldn’t use anyone from he original cast, who would you pick? Here’s my stab:

Jane Lynch as GlaDOS It’s particularly hard to imagine anyone but Ellen McLain voicing GlaDOS, the cheerfully malicious AI. Who could come close to the subtle, snide, casually evil maliciousness? The deadpan stylings of Jane Lynch would fit the bill. Her comedy is tightly controlled and laser-focused, and she’d likely provide some wicked improvisations as well.

Michelle Rodriguez as Chell The exotic and lovely Alesia Glidewell served as the model for the game’s protagonist, and though I don’t recall her providing any dialogue, Chell will be much more vocal and visible in a film version. Michelle Rodriguez portrays tough and strong like few other current actors.

Simon Pegg as Wheatley Stephen Merchant is great as the excitable wannabe-sidekick robot Wheatley in Portal 2. But If I couldn’t use him, Simon Pegg would be an excellent fit.

Alec Baldwin as Cave Johnson Though J. K. Simmons brings Aperture Labs’ founder to wonderful, arrogant life, Alec Baldwin is also great for a totally confident, larger-than-life blusterer who gives no thought to consequence.

What do you think?


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